Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Asheville, NC...feels like home!

Our move from GA to NC last Summer was one of the most difficult for many reasons. We aren't new to moving, by any means, as 24 years in the USAF taught us well. However, this move as empty-nesters and moving to a completely new area where we didn't know a single person was almost overwhelming. Needless to say, we packed up and moved with me "kicking and screaming"! LOL

We've been here 9 months and I do believe this city was hand-picked for me. I LOVE ASHEVILLE! Beautiful mountains, wonderful downtown and the history...oh, the fabulous history! PLUS the River Arts District, Big Love Festival, The Big Crafty, Elementality, Take Five, HUGE local farmer's markets, THE theatres, Home Free Bagels, The Biltmore and I could go on and on!!! These events and businesses are the very foundation of my heart and spirit....crafts and helping others! The Citizen-Times wrote this, "Home Free Bagels to employ homeless, pay living wage and donate profits for housing effort" in an article by Joel Burgess!!! AMAZING! And their business seems to be growing by leaps and bounds! Visit HomeFreeBagel facebook page and give them a shout-out from me!

More to come on "things to do" in Western North Carolina! Too much for one article for a novice writter like myself! lol

Now, I know this city doesn't go without conflict especially in this difficult economy. However I strive to stay focused on the positive aspect of everyday life. Look at all of these people in ONE city making lemonade out of lemons. Maybe our law makers should adopt this "can-do" attitude! Remember the light will ALWAYS overcome the darkness, ALWAYS!
Mmmmmm......Could I be falling in love with Asheville?


  1. So happy to hear you smiling!♥

  2. You wrote that so well, it makes me want to move to Asheville.