Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday Flash Promotion...extension!

Two Zibbet shops added their sites to the Flash Promotion! I wasn't able to edit yesterday's published article to add them. Soooo, here is an extension of our Flash Promotion!

Nicole's Visions Photography!

Beautiful work in both of these lovely shops...take a look and enjoy shopping!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Flash Promotion!

We have a name for our Zibbet shop cross-promoting!
Wednesday Flash Promotion!!! Hope it isn't too flashy...ok, so I tried to be funny;)

Take a peek at these wonderful Zibbet shops! Some are having special sales!
When you think of those end-of-the-school year presents, remember these shops! Great, fun, creative and handmade!

Be sure to follow them on facebook, twitter and their blog!



Sunfire! Wood burning items!

StrawberryFields jewelry!

Lori's Hair Bows!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy visiting these wonderful Zibbet shops!
And pop into POP embroidery by PaperOnParade, too:)

Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Promotion Flash Wednesday on Zibbet Shops!

The Zibbet community hub is a wonderful place for all shop owners to visit, learn, share and promote!

Here are some shops cross-promoting each other today. Be sure to visit each shop and have fun shopping, everyone! From jewelry to hair bows and dragons!

Cutest bows...

Frogs & dragons...oh, my!

Great eco-friendly swiffer covers...

Fab woven beaded jewelry!

As always I welcome custom embroidery and key fob orders at POP embroidery by PaperOnParade!