Sunday, March 28, 2010

Link Love ROCKS!

Thanks to Zur Designs for the idea and Runway Crochet for being our Engineer of the Link Love movement! When I hopped on board the Link Love Train, I had 102 fans on my facebook fan page AND WOWZER! I'm just 22 short of 1,000 fans as of this posting! AND most are creative minded shop owners like myself! We all need to think about buying Handmade when making a purchase and now, with Link Love I have a whole list of wonderful shops to visit! My new motto is, "Bye, bye big box"! Click on the Link Love Angel button and see what the "buzz" is all about AND join us:)!!!


  1. Thank you for all your support of the Link Love, your wonderful posts and your continued support of us all! I have awarded you a blog award, please come check it out... and pass it along.... you truly deserve it!! ~KM

  2. I have to second that emotion. I had a handful of fans when I started out and in just a couple days time I have almost 100 on both fan pages! Thank you for getting the ball rolling! And also, thank you to all those who have supported the movement and grown it into such a success.
    On another note, there are a couple of sites who are graciously doing the same for blogs, so lets give them the same support.