Monday, April 11, 2011

Promotion Flash Monday!

A fun way to promote other talented crafters and highlight your shop as well....Promotion Flash! Sooooo, it is "Promotion Flash Monday"!

Here are five shops with beautifully created products, from hairbows & jewelry to crochet and lace! Have fun shopping!

Do you fight to contain those annoying plastic bags from the grocery, yea...those bags! The ones that make a mess in your pantry! Welllll, No more...purchase one of Mimi's plastic bag holders. Stuff them into the top of the holder, then pull from the bottom and get one at a time, when you need 'em. Plus MANY more wonderful items in Mimi's shop!

Have you ever had a bracelet that converted to a necklace and back again within seconds?! I just bought one from SkyJewelry and LOVE it!
Plus this shop has a special section for "deals of the week"!

I've been sewing for almost 50 years and the lace in this shop is some of the most beautiful! You've got to take a peek! (Oh, my...could I be that old?..hehe)

This shop and POP embroidery (my shop) have collaborated to come up with these beautiful gift sets! Bib/burp cloth with matching bow! Ladybugs, bees and cupcakes, oh my!!! We would love your suggestions and feedback!!/LorisStylingHairStuff!/lorisstylinghai

Smurfbeads has stunningly beautiful beads and jewelry! Great eye candy and just think how elegant the beads would look in your jewelry designs!!!

Enjoy browsing and shopping!

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  1. Oh this is a beautiful blog Terri ~ i enjoyed my visit ~~ ♥ ~~