Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Canning fever!

I've been canning the last two weeks! Lovin' every minute of it, too! I carry the Ball canning book around like it is attached to my hip, planning each day's recipes to preserve. Whatever made me jump into canning with both feet? Maybe our move to NC last year and all the wonderful plethora of farmer's markets in the Asheville area. Another reason this move was one of the best "game changer" moves for us:)

The first photo is my absolute favorite (so far)...Spiced Peach Jam on the web site.

To date, I've canned Summer Salsa, Italian and Mexican spiced tomatoes, Honey Syrup Peaches, Spiced Peach Jam and Bread & Butter Pickles. Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer with much excitement but as a total newbie!

Just for FUN, I'm entering a contest on gardenofeatingblog, "Can You Can It?"
Take a peek at this great blog, you'll LOVE it!


  1. Mmmm I used to have canning fever. Closest I come to canning these days is that I made a big pot of homemade soup last night with organic veggies and I a stored the leftovers in canning jars. : )

  2. I'm a canning fiend - have been for over thirty years - and I love it. I love seeing others loving it too!

  3. My husband and I have been meaning to venture into this sometime. Thanks for the reminder!

    I found your blog through the Zibbet forum blog topic.

  4. I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but it looks delicious!
    The only thing I have ever canned is hot Texas pepper relish. I have done it several times over the years.
    I would love to do more. Maybe some day when I have more time.